Saturday, February 21, 2015

Painting Desert Bighorn Sheep

My impression of a memorable trip into the desert. I combined the colours of some rocks we saw in the desert into the painting of the rocky terrain the desert bighorn sheep was poised on. As you can see in a following photo, the mountain colours were more brown but when painting I was drawn to include those burnt oranges of the rocks that were scattered in the desert at one of our rest stops. Those colours really stuck in my mind.
 What an 'epic' trip a group of us had one day this winter when we travelled nine miles through the desert. We were fortunate enough to see 4 different groups of desert big horn sheep. I really can't imagine how these animals survive the heat of the desert in the summer. Click here for information about them. It says they can go for weeks without visiting a water source! I thought their legs looked thinner than the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep that I am more used to seeing but I didn't find any information on that.
We saw these rocks in the desert at one of our rest stops. They seemed to be polished by the elements. Click gemstones for some information about gemstones of Arizona or click on  Jasper gemstone photos 

Might these be Jasper or agates?
Bighorn Sheep Watching from a Ridge

A ewe and her lamb. How precious!!! We were at quite a distance and the lamb danced here and there, seemingly unconcerned between it's Mom's legs.
I encourage you to include your 'memorable impressions' into your art work.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

I can certainly understand why you'd want to include the warm tones in the rocks, especially after seeing those gems!