Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Challenge for Your Quilt Group?

A Quilt Challenge for Your Group?

This was our Y Quilters' group challenge this year and as it was so successful, you might like to try it in your own quilt group or just for yourself.  
Challenge: Each participant was given one paint chip card with 4 coordinating colors on it and these were the colors to use in the quilted piece. The fabric could be solid or prints as long as the paint chip colors were there. The only other color that could be introduced is a polka dot print. (I noted that anyone who added the polka dotted color used the same coordinating colors from the paint chips. I guess that goes to show those designers who choose those paint colors at the paint store know what they are doing). The name of the block that you were to choose was to start with the same initial as your first name. The piece was to be 36 X 36" or smaller.
Here are the results from the Y Quilter's Group:

How perfectly the shades of blue come together to show off the pattern in J's piece.

The name of this piece was 'Pumpkin' for Pat
W's piece used coordinating mauves. Note that the mauve colors from the paint chips were toned (purple with white and grey added). Sorry if a few photos are blurry. I found quilter's talk with their hands!
I am not sure of the name of P's piece but she often sews with the selvage edges and that is what she did here. Now that is a lot of sewing.

N's was a disappearing 'Nine' Patch in soft pinks.

F stepped outside the box and choose her own paint chips from her daughter in law's recent renovation project. Now she has a perfect gift.

B's colors perfectly coordinate. Note that the paint chip designer chose lights, mediums, and darks for us which helped in showcasing the pattern.

J wasn't too pleased with her colors as she said she is attracted to bright colors but 'heh' this table runner is perfectly coordinated in neutrals and someone will love it.

Shades of brown: 2 medium dark prints, one tan and one off white placed with the toned blue are stunning.

H's block. Note this set of colors contained a complementary color scheme of blue and orange but because the orange was so toned it became a brown, setting off the blue perfectly without being too strong.

F found a lovely large polka dot in her color scheme. She told a great story of why she never has liked yellow, going back years to when her mother said 'yellow makes your skin sallow'. Finding this perfectly coordinating yellow at the local quilt store has changed her mind about the color yellow. Unfortunately this piece grew to over 36 X 36" so.....

F created a 'Cat Mat' for the challenge.

'Sun Bonnet Sue' was S's choice of block. Look at the many tints (yellow with white) and tones (yellow with grey) this piece has. The quilt 'Sue' is hanging stands free from the main piece being only attached at the top.

N's piece is a Nine Patch. What is it about the colors from this paint chip that evoke a feeling of nostalgia?

'Card Trick' was the name of this block but C renamed it 'C's Crazy Card Trick' because of all the challenges she had with it.

L liked the colors in her paint chip selection and they make a strong statement in this block with the light and dark (values).

J's block was 'Johnny Around the Corner' and it also grew a little bigger than 36" square. Lovely quilt. Again the designer that selected the paint chip colors paid attention to values and the use of neutrals. It transposes to quilting so well.

S choose to make a purse with her paint chip colors. She told the story of having to take a break a couple of times and go visit other quilters when the pattern's intrigue details resulted in the need for some unsewing. Who wouldn't want this purse with it's many pockets and dotted inside lining fabric. 

A. said this was a quilt as you go piece. I need to ask her more about creating those curves in this manner. A. was not attracted too her colors but if you squint your eyes, you can see the light (off white), medium (rose) and dark (print) so very distinctly. Again we have a piece that, too me, evokes nostalgia. Do you think it is the toned (greyed) colors that do this is or is it the color combination of rose and toned green?

Coordinating Paint Chip Colors and my piece started.

Completed 'Mug Rug' mini quilts.
That's it for this year's challenge except to hang them at the Quilt Show on March 3. The draw for the free hand painted fabrics is coming up on Feb 8. Through my newsletter are chances to win hand painted fabric and ideas for textile art. If you want to sign up (it is also easy to unsubscribe at any time), email me at 

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a fabulous array of colours and quilts - love the challenge idea and the results...the cat mat redo made me smile!