Saturday, January 31, 2015

'Mini Quilts' for a Convention

This Week

Art Donation:

Last week I was asked to donate an art piece for a door prize at an upcoming convention. Since it would have to be mailed, I thought fabric 'mini quilts' would be best. Wanting to showcase the something of our area, I decided to depict the bird sanctuary where migrating birds rest and feed on their journey north and south. Of course the mountains and trees had to be a part of the picture because they are so prevalent in our valley.  
This textile art was created with my hand dye painted fabrics (left), free motion stitching and free form fabric piecing.


Patience and my point and shoot camera got me these bird photos this week.

Goldfinch getting bird seed from the finch feeder.

Mockingbird on a bike carrier.

Costa hummingbird. Could this become a new clothesline series watercolour painting?

I finished carving a winterwren in butternut wood recently and a friend lent me her wood burning tool to add in some details before mounting and finishing. Butternut wood is so rich in colour.

A guest this week showed us some of her Zentangles and in a short time had this cardinal created.

 Back to Basics at the Watercolour Painting Group:

We have a few new members at our art group and since one is interested in painting faces and figures we have decided to spend a few minutes sketching each time we meet.
Blind drawing, gesture drawing and studying facial proportions were good ways to start so last week I gave that lesson.

This week Linda gave us pointers in adding shading to portraits which was great.
Anyone walking in the art room is fair game and when asked, Dick agreed to sit for a 10 minute sketch.

Sketching from a family photo.

After the lesson, a  member adds shading to her previous piece.

Well that's it folks. Thank you to those of you that received my newsletter this week and either provided feedback to questions asked or signed up for the free draw of hand dye painted fabric. If any readers are not signed up for my newsletter and want to be, just send me an email


Win Dinn, Artist said...

I love those mini quilts, Eileen, and smile at showcasing the 'something' of our area. That's a perfect way to describe the inexplicable pull of the Creston Valley.

I also think your idea for the next clothesline series is a beaut! :D

Laura Leeder said...

Very nice Eileen, I especially love the bird photos! Yes, great idea for your next clothesline painting.