Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pink in Watercolour and Textile Art

Watercolour Painting Lesson: Two Coloured Background Wash
At our Friday painting group, I gave this lesson last week. Here are some directions if you would like to try it:
  • Wet the paper
  • When the shine is starting to go off of the paper, start at the top and add a very rich strip of your chosen colour. Add successively lighter strips of colour until about a third of the way down the paper. Keep your board slightly tilted to allow the colour to run down.
  • While the paper is still wet, turn your board 180 degrees and add a strip of another colour at the top. Continue as with the first colour. Allow the two colours to move close together in the middle of the paper.
  • When you are satisfied with the blending, lay flat and allow to dry completely.
  • Add a silhouette of your choice to the top of the background.  
  • On this sample piece, I lifted out a few highlights in the water at the end.
For the year end review, I had a look back at some art work in watercolour and in textile for 2014. Here are some PINK samples.
 Some work from the first online art course I have taken. If you have ever thought of taking one of Jane Lafazio's courses, I would recommend it.

Joan, added pieced squares to my hand painted hollyhock squares. I am still thrilled with this wall hanging.

 Click here for more information on painting with dyes on cotton fabric.

 For this watercolour technique I used pen and ink. It has a nostalgic look, don't you think? 
Fabric painting with a Gelli Plate.  Win was the instructor for this fun workshop I took this spring. Click here for several excellent mixed media tutorials
I had fun quilting on a 40 + year old Bernia sewing machine.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'm loving all these pinks, Eileen, and yet it's a colour I mostly avoid. You've inspired me to try it again - soon!

gloria r said...

I love those pinks and purples, Eileen! And the white section in between. A lovely sillouette, too!