Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Artisan Button Embellishments

These handmade artisan buttons have been niggling my creative thinking since I purchased them from 'Lavender Lampworks' in Nov of 2014. Click here for a post about the buttons. Below are two ideas I came up with.
Those of us who quilt and sew like to give and receive little gifts. At least I think so, don't you? So I've been designing card fronts for those lovely 'one of a kind' buttons to be attached to for gift giving. Do you have a favorite of the ones shown below: 1-4? I would love to hear about your choice in the comments or in an email egidman@kootenay.com  
Card front design #1 with a little colour added to the design

Card front design #2

Card front design #3
Card front design #4
More bird designs, I'm a thinking!
Then I thought I would try free motion stitching on white cotton. These are only small 4 X 6" size samples again for card fronts or to be used in textile art.

Textile Art # A

Textile Art #B

Textile Art #C

Textile Art #D
 Using coloured fabrics could take these pieces in so many directions. "Would raw edge pieces neutrals work as a background", I wonder?
Textile Art #E
What about adding some pieced work? Do you have some other ideas to share with me?


HollyM said...

I do like the bird the best and then textile art #D.
Neat stuff, Eileen! I love the buttons.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'd be hard pressed to pick any favourites, but the bird makes me smile, and I'm such a flower fan they all inspire me. I can see these becoming a favourite with your clients!

Laura Leeder said...

Eileen these are delightful! I have 3 favorites....the very first card with hints of blue, the bird (of course) and the colored textile card #d.