Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Painting an Ever Changing Scene

Painting as we are cruising down the river
Some Aspects of this scene were included
Quick Watercolour Sketch was Painted while Travelling
Outdoor Café Scene is Constantly Changing

Plein air painting always has the weather elements to consider especially the changing light. There can be other elements to consider as well such as I experienced with the above two watercolour sketches. With the landscape, I found it was possible to paint while moving if I just let go of the need to capture the scene exactly as it was. For me, I started with something that I found interesting for a focal point. After deciding where to place that focal point, I quickly sketched what I could see of it initially and then what I could remember of it. After that, I added other elements, as they came into view, that I thought would complement the watercolour sketch. Therefore the view was made up but I think it describes the essence of what we were seeing as we cruised the river on a recent trip.
Even sketching a stationary scene can have it's challenges such as when someone plunked themselves down right in front me when I was sketching and outdoor café scene. I just had to adapt, peak around them and add in details from memory. This type of sketching and painting might seem frightening or frustrating to some but I encourage you to at least try plein air painting. You might find it as rewarding as I do! 


HollyM said...

These are wonderful fresh paintings! I find it takes lots of gumption to paint in public. I do a little plain air but usually off by myself.
You've really captured the essence of the scenes. I love the cafe one for its vibrancy.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Love your cafe scene, Eileen - it literally vibrates with the energy of the on-site capture!