Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Watercolour lessons with the TAPS Seniors and High School Students

Community Projects can be the best! Creston's Rotary are sponsoring a collaborative project between the Creston TAP (Therapeutic Activation Program) Seniors and some high school students. Although there is no snow on the ground we are getting into the holiday spirit! The group is painting Christmas Holiday images in watercolour, several of which will be reproduced onto Greeting Cards for sale. I was honored to be asked to oversee this worthy and fun project.
Here are a few pictures from the first two painting sessions. We are concentrating on the painting in this first picture but there is lots of joking between the two age groups which makes the intergenerational project particularly fun.
Watercolour Painting Session

Painting Holly
Such detail in this Wreath

Lusciously Red Poinsettia
People's involvement is what makes these projects successful. Thank you Laura Leeder for giving us the holly, for inspiration and for donating some artist quality paper for the program. You can check out Laura's own lovely watercolour paintings here:  website .  Thank you so much to Claudette and Brenda for volunteering at the painting sessions. Stay tuned for an update on the progress of this project.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

This is a terrific project, Eileen - and congratulations on what I can see as being great results! I'll be watching for those cards on sale.

Laura Leeder said...

Eileen, what a great project and how rewarding to share your artistic gift in this way! It was a pleasure to donate these items in support of this worthy project. Great stuff!