Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Buttons by Artists

Christmas craft fairs:
How delightful to attend our local Creston, Christmas Craft Fair. With it only being once a year we are left anticipating their arrival. What new artisans will be there? What new products will I see? Buttons! This year, I was surprised by two artisans making hand made buttons. One lady makes her buttons of clay and the other in glass. Lately in the early mornings, a time when I do my best free form thinking, I find myself exploring ideas for using these simply wonderful textile embellishments with my hand dye painted fabrics. And oh, what great gifts they make for the sewers on your list. Here are some gorgeous samples.
What might you use these one of a kind buttons on?


HollyM said...

They are gorgeous! I'm not sure how I'd use them but I'd be like you, thinking of incorporating them somehow inti my fiber art.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

I am a certified hand-made button fiend...I can't stop using Blue Moon buttons. They're delicious!

Laura Leeder said...

Such pretty buttons! What a wonderful idea...finding a way to weave them into your artwork.