Sunday, December 28, 2014

Getting Ready for a Quilting Course

Getting ready for a Quilting Course: Kindling Chaos: by A Quilter's Lumberyard (Cheryl Coffman & Patty Bowers). Below are two sections of strips sewn together, ready for the upcoming course in 2 weeks. Can I wait that long??? 
I pieced these strips at the quilting group on Tuesday. When I was pressing it at home, I noticed it was very like the colours in my new 2015 monthly planner. Coincidence? I am not sure. Aren't you very influenced by what you see in your day?
A triad of green purple and orange is primarily what I see in this photo. Yes there is pink in the photo, but it is a very cool pink and close to a light tint of the purple.
Speaking of 2015 organizing calendars, have you gotten yours' for the new year? After having some lovely, daily logs that I rarely looked at, last year I decided to go back to a monthly calendar for organizational purposes. For me it just works better to see the whole month at a glance. For my weekly to do lists I simply add a large post it note to the front of the book for that week. Any other 'tried and true' suggestions?
Although for the Kindling Chaos class, the strip colours can be put together randomly, I had this already pieced so I will use it in the class. Note that it is primarily a harmonious or analogous colour scheme from gold (shaded yellow) to green to blue.
This is how you press the back of a pieced pinwheel. Don't make the mistake of first pressing any of the seams apart. Once the pinwheel is sewn, with only a little manipulation the center falls into place as noted above.  For more about piecing the pinwheels click here .
2" pinwheel. Aren't they so CUTE.
Completed 'Evergreen' block mug rug. Click here to read about the challenge our 'Quilt Group' is doing this year. We were allowed to use some dotted fabric in with our pre-chosen colours so I was thrilled to find a strip of the green dotted piece in my fabric stash. Oh, yes the tree green was given to me as a fat quarter in our groups Christmas gift exchange. The motif is really heads of lettuce but cut, doesn't it look like tree bows.
Another variation of a mug rug for our 'Quilt Group Challenge'.
As the time nears to have your challenge projects completed, do you get a bit frustrated and anxious like I do? At some point I usually say "Why did I ever agree to do this?" However, by participating in group challenges, it sometimes forces you to try things you haven't done before such as it did me here with trying the mini pinwheels.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'm amazed at the precision of your pinwheels on the mug, and double wow. Love the triad colour combo, and I too, am inspired by everything I see around me.