Sunday, March 8, 2020

Mauve Textile Cards

In my neighbourhood, a young couple have taken over from an elderly lady who has moved. She so loved to putter in her garden and on a walk last week I was delighted to see her snowdrops coming up. I little reminder that spring is nearly here. It's nice to think of the continuation of perennial plants through generations.

Below are few of my newest Textile Cards that are painted with dyes and detailed with stitching. All of these ones contain a little mauve.

Snowdrops: When I think of spring, I think mauve. Growing up, Easter seemed so much more mauve and yellow than it is today.

Columbine: Although this is called a Blue Columbine it is a periwinkle colour. I saw it with my friend Kim on a walk around lake at Stagleap Park. In the Kootenays we also see a Red Columbine and a Yellow Columbine

Originally this piece was simply the orange flowers. I decided to repaint it with another layer of dyes and added the purple Harebells.

Gosh the sunsets can be spectacular here. I've used my artistic ideas to add the orange to our more typical pink and mauve skies. 

Fox are rare here in the Kootenays but I do love their colour so much. I've been fortunate enough to see them a few times while visiting Alberta and the Maritimes.