Sunday, March 28, 2021

Art on the iPad

Technology and art. Delving into this genre, has not been easy, however, it has been a lot of fun. 

Piedmont Sewing Machine

Art on the iPad with Susie Monday  is a course that is helping me delve into this technical area of art. Photo editing and drawing on the iPad are two things we've been exploring. There have been frustrations due to my limited knowledge in this area but with repeated video watching and repeat tutorial reading, overall, it has been very inspiring. I don't intend to throw away my paint brushes, but for me exploration results in many more ideas and we creative sorts like that.  

A Plant for Spring

The 'bluish' image was drawn on the iPad over a photo. The other was drawn on the iPad freehand.


Last week we've been exploring pattern making. 

The 3 photos below were created by manipulating photos in several 'art apps', sometimes several within one photo! Who knew?

The Clydesdales 

My friend snapped this photo for me one day while I was painting the horses, on location, last summer. No, they did not pose there long.

Stepping into Spring

This one involved combining a photo of my textile art with a photo of my friend's dog. Can you imagine the combinations! If I didn't have other homework, I would probably still be doing this technique.

Starting Young with Life on the Farm

Thankfully a friend gave me permission to use this photo of hers. A grandson being pulled on a sled with the cows looking with interest in the background. So sweet.  Along with using an art app, I added a little drawing.

If you've ever wondered about trying art on the iPad, I encourage you. Happy creating.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Finishing Plein Air Paintings in the Studio

We are having cold weather for about a week and it seemed a good time to finish some paintings that were about 80 % completed on location. I have photos somewhere but decided to work from the paintings only and rely on my memory of the day. 

'The Three Clydesdales'

Watercolour by Eileen Gidman

Of course the Clydesdales captured my interest at Kootenay Meadows Dairy that day I was painting on location. But also the distant fall colours in contrast with the blue spruce trees were stunning. This was my second attempt to try and capture those colours. The other painting I've decided not to finish. Not all paintings turn out and that is to be expected. Purposefully, I left the Skimmerhorns less detailed even though their vertical height is impressive in itself.

'Pleach Plum in Bloom'

Watercolour by Eileen Gidman

This painting was done on a spring day at a paint out session with 3 other artists. My friend invited us to her yard to enjoy the almost wild, peach-plum tree in bloom. Where the figures are, there was another artist painting but I decided to change it to two figures walking their dog, heading right passed that stunning tree. Gosh we live in a beautiful valley.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Card Fits in Weathered Wood Frame

Framed Textile Card

Today I was so surprised to see how a friend had framed one of my textile cards in a weathered wood frame. I love it! It fits in their bathroom along with a weathered wood shelf. Such a great idea. 

The textile cards I make fit in a 5 X 7" frame opening. Along with being placed in a frame, the textile can also be used in sewing projects such as in the last post about small tote bags. 

Thread Sketching on Saturday

Today I am free motion stitching the hand painted 'colourful' dogs that were created this summer. The 'pooches' were painted onto rayon. Can you see the sketches of legs, eyes, and ears that I look, at to guide, me as I stitch.  

Samples of a New Series in the Making





Saturday, January 16, 2021

Textile Art of Small Tote Bags

 Textile Art on Small Tote Bags

Light small tote bags with a little art on them make a nice gift and are easy to send in the mail. The art work is painted with dyes and highlighted with free motion thread sketching,  Purchased batik fabrics which have a high thread count are used to make the body of the bag for sturdiness. The bags are washable.

'The Hikers' 
by Eileen Gidman
Approximately 9 X 11"

'Girl Walking Dog'

'Mountain Lake'


I found this batik at Creston Card and Stationery Store It's not in colours I'd seen before and I think it will look great with some of my hand painted textiles. 

There is a new selection of small tote bags for sale at the 1022 Canyon Street Gift Store in Creston, BC. There is a wide selection of local artisan's work at the store and it is definitely worth checking out especially when you are looking for a gift.