Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drawing on top of Loosely Dyed Background

Direct Painting with Procion Fibre-Reactive Dyes
One extremely fun, messy and expressive technique is to begin with splattering dye onto soda-soaked fabric. In order for there to be enough soda to activate the dye for the next step, wash the fabric after curing it in plastic overnight and then resoak the fabric in a soda ash solution. Dry it in preparation for the next step. Mix the colour dye you want for sketching and thicken it with sodium alginate. Place the dye in a bottle with a nib and use this tool to draw in details. Use the pattern of the splatters in creating a design. Here an analogous colour theme was used: yellow-green; yellow; yellow orange; and orange.  Cure and wash as usual for fiber reactive dyes. Can't you picture stitching in additional details?

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

I so enjoy the look of the fine line drawing over the splatter technique - there is something in that the appeals a great deal to my eye...