Sunday, March 28, 2021

Art on the iPad

Technology and art. Delving into this genre, has not been easy, however, it has been a lot of fun. 

Piedmont Sewing Machine

Art on the iPad with Susie Monday  is a course that is helping me delve into this technical area of art. Photo editing and drawing on the iPad are two things we've been exploring. There have been frustrations due to my limited knowledge in this area but with repeated video watching and repeat tutorial reading, overall, it has been very inspiring. I don't intend to throw away my paint brushes, but for me exploration results in many more ideas and we creative sorts like that.  

A Plant for Spring

The 'bluish' image was drawn on the iPad over a photo. The other was drawn on the iPad freehand.


Last week we've been exploring pattern making. 

The 3 photos below were created by manipulating photos in several 'art apps', sometimes several within one photo! Who knew?

The Clydesdales 

My friend snapped this photo for me one day while I was painting the horses, on location, last summer. No, they did not pose there long.

Stepping into Spring

This one involved combining a photo of my textile art with a photo of my friend's dog. Can you imagine the combinations! If I didn't have other homework, I would probably still be doing this technique.

Starting Young with Life on the Farm

Thankfully a friend gave me permission to use this photo of hers. A grandson being pulled on a sled with the cows looking with interest in the background. So sweet.  Along with using an art app, I added a little drawing.

If you've ever wondered about trying art on the iPad, I encourage you. Happy creating.