Thursday, April 23, 2015

Clothesline Series in Watercolour: Next Painting?

Clothes on clotheslines always catch my attention as I have painted several. The idea was first conceived in Venice where the clothes were hanging from picturesque balconies. From there I continued with the painting of Canadian clotheslines and I have used the series to draw attention to energy conservation. Having moved from the country where I had a long, high clothesline to town where I didn't have any clothesline, has made me even more conscious of the need for awareness of this simple way to conserve many kilowatts of electricity.  
Here are a few photos of clotheslines am considering for my next clothesline painting. To see some of my watercolour paintings in this series, click here .

My husband's shirts.

Wonderful arrangement of panties on a clothesline.

More underwear and aren't those clothespins colourful.

I have the feeling clothes have been hung in this year for decades. Love it but I think I would ignore the scaffolding and truck when painting it.

I saw this Canadian flag strung up on a clothesline, in a forest, near where we were camping.

Another Maritime clothesline.
Do you have a favorite?

Quilt Show from my Winter Group

Here is a few quilts from the Quilt Show I was in this winter. We have some excellent quilters in our group. I am much a beginner and I am thankful members are so willing to share there knowledge with me.
Three of my mini quilts with fruit hand painted pieces.
'Carol and Sue' raw edge applique and free motion thread sketching.
 A sketch I did of Carol in the studio. The farm scene was added after.
 This is the sketch that inspired the textile art piece 'Carol and Sue' which is shown in the photo above and below.

Two 'Barn Series' mini quilts of mine.

Original Design by C. C.

Don't you love the pieced sashing by J. W.

P. B's quilt. When you look at this quilt awhile, you see circles even though there are no curved pieces in it.

Wall Hangings

One of my hand painted panels made into a wall hanging by C. K.
S. A. bought these quilt blocks at a yard sale, added the sashing and had it hand quilted.

I can see why this viewer was attracted to A. J.'s black, white and red quilt, can you?

Made with 'Crown Royal' bags by C. K. Did you know that you can actually buy this bag from the company?

Quilt's for Charity

Quilt Show Free Draw Winner

The winner of the free draw at the Creston Quilt Show was Joan from Moyie, BC, Canada and as I was going to Cranbrook, I was able to drop it off for her at the Moyie General Store. Enjoy your Artisan Button Card, Textile Art Card, and Mug rug with hand dyed fabrics. There certainly were quite a number of people who wanted to buy the Textile Card out of that free draw.

The Textile Card that several people wanted to buy out of the free draw. It was on linen and for some reason the photo isn't great.
Now that I am finished with the Quilt show, I am getting back to working on my watercolour commission. Here it is started. There are several more glazes to go on the agave to reach the depths I want in the shadows. Can you see a few of the rocks are started in the foreground?

Agave plant. Isn't it gorgeous with it's strong lights and darks?

Note the iron wood snag and golden barrel cactus that are also being worked into the composition.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Creston Quilt Show

Creston Valley Quilters' Guild Show

What a successful quilt show this was on Friday and Saturday. This post will mostly be photos as I am rather spent from all the organizing that goes around getting to a show. Thank you Creston, Nelson, Moyie, Cranbrook, Kimberley, Idaho, Kootenay Lake residents for all the support you give me by visiting my booth and by buying my hand (dye) painted fabrics.
Stephanie Longpre (right) drawing the winning name for my free draw of a mug rug with hand painted fabric, textile card, artisan button card and package of hand painted fabrics. Stephanie was the event organizer and she did a fantastic job. One of her plans is to be an event planner for weddings. She will be great at it I am sure. Thank you Stephanie for your hard work organizing the show.

My booth of hand (dye) painted fabrics, textile cards, artisan button cards, mug rugs, and artisan pillows.

A few hand painted fat quarters. Win Dinn's mandala colouring book which can be ordered online here:

 Some of the Entries in the Quilt Show


This photo is especially for my friend Patty who also loves to use striped material.

This complicated colour combination delighted me.

The Quilt Group Challenge

Samples from the Quilt Group Challenge

Vendor's at a show develop a special connection and I met some lovely people this weekend. Here is one of the other Vendor's booths. Keith and Carol Kepke's sell precision wood crafted items for quilters. See you at the Canmore Show.

I love calendar pictures. One person did all these!

Wow what a wonderful organization that donates quilts for children. Take a look at that total.

Self portraits

The winner of viewer's choice. Such talent!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Creston Valley Quilters Guild Show

If you are anywhere near Creston, BC, there is a Quilt Show on Friday and Saturday, April 17 & 18 that you won't want to miss. Cut-throat Challenge, I'm looking forward to finding out what that is. There will be a 'Vendor Mall' where I will be having a free draw and also be showcasing my new line of greeting cards with glass handmade buttons. Hope to see you there.

What's involved in being a vendor? Well there is lots of preparation beyond making the items for sale. Here is a peak at a few things being done this week.
Measuring and pricing new hand painted fabrics.
Getting my spouse to find the items need for the display booth. Not easy since the move.

Packaging and labeling. Oh yes, and of course you always run out of labels so there is stopping to run upstairs from the studio to print more labels.

Designing display stands. These are really cute as they are from my antique treadle machine.
Boxing the items ready to be transported to the Rec Center.

Organizing items for ease of the customers.
Pressing and hanging the hand painted panels. For the show's two days there is a very special market price for the original paintings on fabric.
My new greeting card line with my drawn designs and artisan buttons.

Frameable textile cards will be available at a special market price. Customers find they make a great gift and card in one.

A selection of mug rugs will be available for sale or pick a hand painted piece of fabric and have me design a mini quilt/mugrug for you. They are great gifts for mailing.
Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and enter the free draw for a selection of artisan made items.