Thursday, April 23, 2015

Quilt Show Free Draw Winner

The winner of the free draw at the Creston Quilt Show was Joan from Moyie, BC, Canada and as I was going to Cranbrook, I was able to drop it off for her at the Moyie General Store. Enjoy your Artisan Button Card, Textile Art Card, and Mug rug with hand dyed fabrics. There certainly were quite a number of people who wanted to buy the Textile Card out of that free draw.

The Textile Card that several people wanted to buy out of the free draw. It was on linen and for some reason the photo isn't great.
Now that I am finished with the Quilt show, I am getting back to working on my watercolour commission. Here it is started. There are several more glazes to go on the agave to reach the depths I want in the shadows. Can you see a few of the rocks are started in the foreground?

Agave plant. Isn't it gorgeous with it's strong lights and darks?

Note the iron wood snag and golden barrel cactus that are also being worked into the composition.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

I can see why people were after you to sell that textile card to them. It's a beauty, and your Moyie winner has a great score with the pieces of her win! I look forward to seeing that completed cactus - what a great reminder of your 'southern home away from home'.