Sunday, February 26, 2023

An Artist's Typical Week?

Although an artist's week often isn't predictable, here is one recent week's schedule. 

  • Schedule art making for the week. 
  • Sew 2 'mugrugs' for an upcoming Bird Festival (donation). Not having sewn one for awhile, yes it took me most of the day. 

  • Package 'mugrugs' and contact Bird Festival committee member. 
  • Sew 4 mini textile cards.
  • Start sewing regular sized textile cards, then the power went out due to a wind storm. 
  • Heard one of my textile cards was purchased as a gift going to England! An artist often doesn't know who purchases their art but it is delightful when they do. 
  •  Sew 12 bird cards.
  •  Post about bird art to social media. Bird art Post

  • Sew 2 more bird cards and 8 floral cards.
  • Shoot a video of thread sketching.
  • Assemble picture mat materials.
  • Attend a lesson on mat cutting in the afternoon.
  • Shop at the Second Hand Store for a steamer to set in a large pot for silk painting steam setting. Purchased 4 decorative gold wire plate holders to use for displaying textile cards for sale.

  • Sew 11 landscape cards.
  • Edit and post social media video of textile sketching. Reel of Thread Sketching
  • Practice mat cutting on my own mat cutter. 

  • Sew one more landscape card to make 2 dozen competed this week.
  • Clean studio table of sewing machine and textile cards.
  • Frame 2 watercolour paintings. Unframe one of them twice, once for a fleck and once to re-center the mat. 
  • Write out framing directions learnt on Thursday.
  • Put away mat cutter, mat pieces, frame pieces and hardware.

An artist's life is so much more than creating art. 


Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a fascinating post, Eileen, and so bang on regarding the eclectic mix of 'things that need to be done' to keep an artist creating. Between your sewing, packaging, donating, social media posts, videoing, learning, sourcing your unique needs, practicing new skills, framing and more, it's a wonder that you have any time for other parts of your life (and I know you make massive amounts of time for community work, family, friends, and more). You are truly the modern creative!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

On, forgot to mention your mug rugs...mine is such a favourite and graces my morning coffee spot daily. These ones are really lovely as well, and you know I'm crazy for your sewn cards!