Sunday, February 26, 2023

An Artist's Typical Week?

Although an artist's week often isn't predictable, here is one recent week's schedule. 

  • Schedule art making for the week. 
  • Sew 2 'mugrugs' for an upcoming Bird Festival (donation). Not having sewn one for awhile, yes it took me most of the day. 

  • Package 'mugrugs' and contact Bird Festival committee member. 
  • Sew 4 mini textile cards.
  • Start sewing regular sized textile cards, then the power went out due to a wind storm. 
  • Heard one of my textile cards was purchased as a gift going to England! An artist often doesn't know who purchases their art but it is delightful when they do. 
  •  Sew 12 bird cards.
  •  Post about bird art to social media. Bird art Post

  • Sew 2 more bird cards and 8 floral cards.
  • Shoot a video of thread sketching.
  • Assemble picture mat materials.
  • Attend a lesson on mat cutting in the afternoon.
  • Shop at the Second Hand Store for a steamer to set in a large pot for silk painting steam setting. Purchased 4 decorative gold wire plate holders to use for displaying textile cards for sale.

  • Sew 11 landscape cards.
  • Edit and post social media video of textile sketching. Reel of Thread Sketching
  • Practice mat cutting on my own mat cutter. 

  • Sew one more landscape card to make 2 dozen competed this week.
  • Clean studio table of sewing machine and textile cards.
  • Frame 2 watercolour paintings. Unframe one of them twice, once for a fleck and once to re-center the mat. 
  • Write out framing directions learnt on Thursday.
  • Put away mat cutter, mat pieces, frame pieces and hardware.

An artist's life is so much more than creating art.