Thursday, December 20, 2018

Textile Cards are for Christmas

Season's Greetings and Wishing You the Best in the New Year.
My hand made textile cards are available locally in Creston, BC at Creston Card and Stationery and the Cresteramics Art Store. As they fit perfectly into a 5 X 7" frame, they make a card and gift in one!

This was my favorite winter season card created this year. The hand dyed fabric with the soft mauves and little blue seemed so perfect for this winter skating on a frozen lake scene. When you are free motion stitching, you are never quite sure how stitched images are going to turn out because it is a little tight seeing beneath the sewing machine foot. I love the 'free spirited' look of the figure in this textile card. 

I started this piece about two years ago when I was teaching a Quilt Group a 'Painting on Fabric' workshop. Instead of completing it as a pot of poinsettias as it was originally intended to be (only the largest bloom was done), I just decided to paint an overall design of blooms. You can see below how some were cut to create cards. Boy was it hard to make the first cut into this fabric. 

This was the original hand painted textile that was reproduced for our Christmas Cards this year. Thank you Rook Designs of Creston, BC for the printing.

Soda soaked fabric painted with thickened dyes ready for 9 cards. Note below, the bunny I stitched on one of them. Do you have any other ideas for additional 'simple' images to be stitched on this dyed background? I think I have two left.

Textile cards for the winter season.