Thursday, April 23, 2015

Clothesline Series in Watercolour: Next Painting?

Clothes on clotheslines always catch my attention as I have painted several. The idea was first conceived in Venice where the clothes were hanging from picturesque balconies. From there I continued with the painting of Canadian clotheslines and I have used the series to draw attention to energy conservation. Having moved from the country where I had a long, high clothesline to town where I didn't have any clothesline, has made me even more conscious of the need for awareness of this simple way to conserve many kilowatts of electricity.  
Here are a few photos of clotheslines am considering for my next clothesline painting. To see some of my watercolour paintings in this series, click here .

My husband's shirts.

Wonderful arrangement of panties on a clothesline.

More underwear and aren't those clothespins colourful.

I have the feeling clothes have been hung in this year for decades. Love it but I think I would ignore the scaffolding and truck when painting it.

I saw this Canadian flag strung up on a clothesline, in a forest, near where we were camping.

Another Maritime clothesline.
Do you have a favorite?


Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'm loving those colourful clothespins on that one photo, and Greg's shirts as well...I can see there will be many more of these coming!

Laura Leeder said...

I favor the one with Greg's shirt as well, however, I think the Maritime one could be very nice as well with the rural landscape in the background. (minus the blue cloth?)

Luann Fischer said...

The one with the scaffolding and truck is a statement! It appears that the rough tote was the washing bucket and this person is serious about getting work done on the homestead, not just hanging out in the woods. I think it tells a good story.