Monday, August 2, 2021

Artist Video: Eileen Gidman


Last week, it was great to get back to 'life drawing/painting' after many months of not being able to meet with others inside. Although I might be a little rusty, it was so comforting to feel the brush strokes flowing. 

20 Minute Life Drawing Sketch

'Models in a Row'

Just like any other skill, drawing and painting require ongoing practice. Rather than have a separate piece of paper for each sketch, it can be fun to group them together on one sheet of paper. My mentor once said, "Always use good paper". This is 90 lb hot press Arches watercolour paper and I find it perfect for these quick watercolour sketches. 

Only Time For One More Very Quick Sketch
(background sketch)


Eileen Gidman: Watercolour and Textile Artist

Artist 7 min video

Hopefully people are getting some opportunities to get back to doing things they enjoy.  

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Your video is wonderful, Eileen, and I love how we get to take a peek at some of your process. The behind-the-scenes feeling is marvelous. Your watercolour sketches are terrific - I know how much you've enjoyed doing this in the past, and I'm delighted that you're able to get back into the flow!