Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watercolour Lesson - 'Petunias in a Mason Jar'

Watercolour Study of 'Petunias in a Mason Jar'

Start by wetting the jar an flowers. After the shine goes off the paper, drop in some light colour.

Once dry, paint in stems and identify where the leaves are. Start to define the focal area of the painting -the petunias that will have the most detail.

Negative paint to leave the lights of the jar. Be sure to simplify what you see so you don't get overwhelmed. Apply light washes of varied pinks and purples for flowers. Add dark centers. Create a suggestion of the jar sitting on something.

Add medium and darker tones for jar detail. Add more colour to the stems and leaves. Add details to flowers - paint some veins positively (darker) and some negatively (paint around the lights). Leave less detail in the blooms that are farther away to create the illusion of distance.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Fabulous lesson, Eileen - many thanks for posting this...I love the step-by-step photos and instruction.

Jackie said...

I just love the jar...mostly cause I could never do it.
as for your question, I don't know anyone that has tried dyeing raw cotton.