Saturday, May 11, 2013

'Your Arts Desire' Gallery and Store in Kaslo, BC

Owners Arnie and Judy, of 'Your Arts Desire Gallery' in Kaslo, BC, Canada
 Check out my new Watercolour Paintings here
16 X 20"  $265

'Bullock's Oriole and Friends'
16 X 20"  $265

'My Summer'
16 X 20"  $265

16 X 20"  $265
Can you help? Note the format in the first four watercolour paintings. Can you think of a name for this new series?

Clothesline Series: 'Floral Towels'
11 X 14"  $179


Win Dinn, Artist said...

These are such wonderful painting sets, Eileen - perhaps Watercolour Set, Watercolour Collection, Assembled Watercolours, Grouped Watercolours? The definitely deserve a great descriptor!

Laura Leeder said...

They are just lovely Eileen! I will put my thinking cap on!