Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quilt Canada Penticton, BC

My Booth last week at Quilt Canada in Penticton, BC
Quilter Joan's Wall Hanging
using one of my Hand Painted Panels

What a whirlwind week I had last week, chock full of interesting experiences at Quilt Canada in Penticton, BC. I met so many quilters from across Canada, two of which I had previously connected with on Facebook, one I may have gone to high school with, three who came with notes from other quilters who had instructed them to search me out, several fellow dyers, a vendor and her artist husband, other friendly vendors, many quilters wanting workshops, several Canadian Quilt Association Board members that I had met in Halifax last year, my fellow quilt group members, and so many other interesting people. Wonderful!
I wanted to share with you the stunning wall hanging sewn by Quilter Joan C. She started with one of my fabric (dye) painted panels, added an inner border, then pieced borders that were created using the ABCD technique developed by Kim Schrader Fauth The center piece was embellished with thread painting using two different variegated threads and french knots added texture to the flower centers.
For those of you that couldn't attend and those of you who want to get more fabric, I will be updating my online store starting tomorrow!
The 'Color Me Up' Coloring Books I had in my booth, can be purchased here


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Your booth looks fabulous, Eileen, and Joan's piece is truly stunning. I can tell that your experience was fabulous, and can hardly wait to hear about it in person!

Laura Leeder said...

Eileen, thanks for sharing these photos of your booth, it looks great!