Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Portrait Project: Carole Summer

'Summer Land' by Carole Summer

The Portrait Project Show
The Langham Gallery, Kaslo, BC
July 5-Aug 18
Carole states, "I joined the Self-portrait Group just to play with fabrics and the other women, and it was really fun."
"At the time we’d just built our house on Shutty Bench, had the gardens and the chickens, and I was dreaming of the lambs.  They’re out there in the  pasture now.  And my self-portrait’s in The Langham!"
At the opening, Carole talked about the joy of creating her home and yard at the same time as making her self-portrait. She must have really been wanting those lambs as they show themselves prominently because of the textured fabric used. Carole talked of her love of  gardening, especially flowers, thus her hair is playfully depicted with fabrics of flowers. How totally expressive!

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

I just love these portraits and the stories behind them.