Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quilting: Feeling Proud

Have you ever felt so proud you cried. Well that happened to me this week at my Quilting Groups' 'Show and Tell' and it wasn't only myself I was proud of, it was also fellow quilter, CK. A couple of years ago, CK got one of my dye painted cotton panels and this is what she created. She brought it to show me the day before the quilting meeting and I loved it but when she showed it in front of the group yesterday, I unexpectedly teared up. To see this collaboration between other quilters and myself was overwhelming. It totally is why I paint on fabric!
Quilter CK did such a great job offsetting the panel and surrounding it with the rich purples and framing sections with black. Wow! Thank you , thank you, thank you CK for creating this piece.

Some other purple quilts and quilt blocks that I recently photographed in my travels.
This was seen at a recent quilt show. The miniature version of the pattern made into a matching pillow slip is brilliant.

Diane is hand quilting this beauty. I thought it was neat how she was using a small frame to quilt section by section. In another post I am going to show another quilt Diane is making. Her explanation is so much like the way a painter would describe their painting that I am looking forward to sharing it.

Diane showed Estella how to create this block.

Hillary is using a yellow accent strip with the strip sets we sewed for a recent Kindling Chaos Quilt Class by Patty Bowers and Cheryl Coffman. To me, having the addition of yellow within the quilt seemed really important in the overall design of this scrappy style quilt. Wonderful Hilary!

Oh why didn't I label my photos from the 'Show and Tell' of my quilt group. If I recall correctly the blocks were created by different people. The generous purple sashing pulls this together so well.

Another quilt from my Quilting Group. The colours look well together and in thinking about colour theory I would describe it as a harmonious run of orange, yellow and green with and complementary colour accent of purple.

Jackie's quilt. It seemed like such a happy quilt that I am including it today in this post even though it only has a little purple. What girl wouldn't love this hanging on their wall or laying on their bed. 


Win Dinn, Artist said...

That's a stunning collaborative quilt, Eileen - CK did a marvellous job of making your painted panel sing! And I very much enjoyed seeing the range of purple in the other quilts - lovely!

Laura Leeder said...

How rewarding to see your panels in a completed piece.