Saturday, January 30, 2021

Card Fits in Weathered Wood Frame

Framed Textile Card

Today I was so surprised to see how a friend had framed one of my textile cards in a weathered wood frame. I love it! It fits in their bathroom along with a weathered wood shelf. Such a great idea. 

The textile cards I make fit in a 5 X 7" frame opening. Along with being placed in a frame, the textile can also be used in sewing projects such as in the last post about small tote bags. 

Thread Sketching on Saturday

Today I am free motion stitching the hand painted 'colourful' dogs that were created this summer. The 'pooches' were painted onto rayon. Can you see the sketches of legs, eyes, and ears that I look, at to guide, me as I stitch.  

Samples of a New Series in the Making





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Win Dinn, Artist said...

I am loving that beautiful card framed in weather wood - it's the perfect frame to show off what is a favourite theme. Your clothesline series always delights me.

And oh those dogs...I think they are just so outstanding. They feed my love of strong colour and yet still speak to the personality of those wonderful creatures! Totally wonder-full!