Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quilt Group: Challenge Projects

Lots of anticipation was building at our weekly quilting group meetings over the last few weeks as the due date for our quilt groups' challenge grew near. We laughed to see only half the members' hands were raised a couple of weeks ago when our president asked us if we had the project completed. From the many projects shown today, some members work best under pressure.
The challenge was presented to us by our president, one year ago, when she gave each participating member a fat square of fabric in the colour of our birthstone. We were to create any quilted piece we wanted, with some of this fabric to be included in it.
The projects ranged from traditional quilts, to wearable art, to pictorial depictions. So fun to see each person's personality in their work. In this post I will include photos of the wearable art we saw today and I will include the other quilt member's creations in following posts. Thanks group member's for allowing me to photograph your work. Your quilted pieces are inspirational for me and now they can be for others too.
This jacket fit C perfectly.
Wow, beauuutiful.

B made 2 projects but she said  "the first one was ugly". Of course we wanted to see it. At least we got to see this lovely jacket.
J is giving this jacket to our club to sell. Very generous J.


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Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a great idea, and what WONDERFUL results!