Sunday, February 24, 2013

Portraits Project: Reflective Light in Pink Stitching

Adding reflected light with Pink Stitching
Free-motion Stitching in my Studio
I've started adding stitching to this hand (dye) painted piece for the Textile Self-Portrait Show, at the Langham Gallery, in Kaslo, B.C. this summer. As I didn't want the hanging to be too puffy, I used flannelet as the batting. The details are being added with free motion stitching which I am doing on my trusty mechanical Bernia sewing machine. Did you see the pink reflection onto the stump wood done in stitching?
For the portrait show I wanted to show myself on one of the beautiful hikes of the Kootenays. This piece as well as showing me as a hiker, is very much about this bright pink kerchief as it is a complementary colour to all the yellow green used in this piece. The blues and other greens in the rest of the textile painting are also on the same side of the colour wheel as the yellow green. Therefore, I am introducing small amounts of pink elsewhere in the piece as accents.
The details are not all decided yet but currently I am looking for some black/grey, sparkly tulle for the granite rocks of the foreground. I am open to suggestions especially about the border.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

I love the reflected light from the pink scarf - and it's going to look great with accents of that throughout. I'm looking forward to seeing this completed, Eileen!

Laura Leeder said...

Eileen, it's great to see a photo of you at work in your studio. This piece is going to be amazing.