Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mug Rug: Quilting a Small Personalized Gift

When my friend and fine artist Liz Lund told me she was making 'mug rugs', I didn't even know what she was talking about. Here is a link to Liz's website. 
The idea of a mini quilt just big enough for a cup and a spoon or a cup and a treat, fascinated me. Each one seems to be made as a one of a kind work of art and as that is what I am all about, I had to try making some. The size seems to run from 4 X 6" to 6 X 10" and is usually rectangular in shape. As these mug rugs are being given as gifts, I wanted to make them personal.  

This mug rug is to be for D and here I have chosen one of my hand (dye) painted fabric pieces (4 1/2 X 6 1/2") that I normally use for my textile cards. This piece was selected to represent one of D's favorite hikes. The greenish blue is the colour of Lake Louise and the orange and yellow represent the time of year we hiked to the 'Golden Larches'.
I have started using a sew and flip method to add some pieced fabrics along one side. Colours I chose where in keeping with the autumn colours D wears and the yellow is to represent the sun she loves so much.

I have sewn a 2 1/2" folded binding around the perimeter, mitering the corners. I chose the print for the back in acknowledgement of D's commitment to teaching students pottery in the Creston Valley. 

With first careful pinning, I was then able to secure the back of the binding by edge stitching along the binding from the front side by machine. No hand stitching involved. Yea!

I hope D will enjoy this Mug Rug in Her Studio

Mug Rug For Hiker S that Enjoys Wild Flower Identification

Another Mug Rug Started
Mug rugs, little works of art to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea!


Sheila at WolfSongBlog.Com said...

I love these. I have a dear friend that loves to make art quilts and art placemats and such. She would love these! Nice work so colorful.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

These are delightful, Eileen, and what a wonderful gift they make. I love it that you've taken such care to make each gift personal for the recipient.

Anonymous said...

A friend gave me a Christmas mug rug & not putting it away for that reason! Like the idea you make yours personable as gifts! Very colorful.