Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 1 & 2: Painting in the Rocky Mountains

The time has arrived! This is day 2 of a one month sojourn of painting in the Rocky Mountain Foothills. Excitement and trepidation are two of the feelings I've had, thinking about this much anticipated event. Following in the footsteps of former Canadian artists I have admired, I wonder if I can measure up. Not so much painting skill wise, as we are all on our own artistic journey but rather I wonder if will I have the fortitude to maintain the focus necessary to paint continuously? Somehow I've always imagined this is what it takes to be real artist. After one month will I feel the same? Will I stay focused all month?
Day 2 Painting on Location

Photo of the wind tortured tree trunks I've been thinking about painting all year.
Today I turned my paper to a landscape orientation to capture the various layers of the scenery. At some future date, I plan to interpret some of my paintings onto fabric by painting with dyes. With that in mind I want to be cognizant of patterns in the landscape.
With this month's blog posts, I hope I will inspire you to start planning your own creative retreat as A. M. did for me.
To Win a Watercolour Sketch painted in the Rocky Mountain Foothills: comment on my blog or a Facebook posts during Sept 2015.  I will make the draw the first week in October. Good luck!


Marsha said...

Congratulations on this most exciting adventure of creative experience. Your subject matter is wonderfully exciting and challenging, and I wish you all good things in your endeavor. I will look forward to seeing your progress.

Luann Fischer said...

A whole month to focus on one area of interest,, hmmm. I want to say I would love to do that, but in reality I'm really not sure I could stay focused that well. I would like to try it. I would probably chose to design and make quilts. That's where my strongest passion is at the present.
Eileen, I will be cheering you on from the South Carolina coastal area.
I look forward to hearing about your adventure.
May God bless you with a month of wonders,

Unknown said...

Hi Eileen, very excited to see your work. Enjoy your time in the Rockies and that fresh mountain air.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'm excited for you, Eileen, and I know that you'll be dynamite at focusing your energies and attention to see you through a creative month. The sketches and paintings will fuel your muse for months to come.

Mellowood Gallery said...

What a challenge! Karen was telling Carrie and me about your adventure - sounds like a fabulous experience. I hope the weather is good and I look forward to seeing your creations. Have a great time

Laura Leeder said...

I'm just catching up with your posts Eileen. What an experience!
I can't wait to get a peek at all of the paintings you've been working on.