Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lilacs in Textile

'Lilacs in Textile'
One of my textile cards available at the Fernie Art Station, in Fernie, BC. Myself and two other artists are just back from our Art Show opening. It was a lovely time in Fernie.
We have just finished hanging this wall. Lots of work selecting just the right painting for each space.

I am standing in front of two of my hand dye painted paintings and my textile cards.
Laura Leeder and Win Dinn the other two artists in the show posing in front of the Fernie Art Station
Food all ready for the opening
More yummy food.
A couple of hours of delightful looking and interacting at the 'On the Wall-Off the Wall' art show opening.
 Of course we visited other artist's galleries while in Fernie. Louise Hilliard was manning the shop at 'Everything Angela'  Louise is a seamstress who sews fabric with Angela Morgan's images on it into incising items. Lots goes into the work of an artisan and it was fun discussing the design of a new hand bag with Louise. Click  here to find more information about this talented seamstress.

We also went to visit the Eye of the Needle and Fernie Forge Studio and Gallery.

Flo Barrett, award winning costume designer and seamstress here at the Eye of the Needle Studio and Store is holding up a twig fronted corset that will be part of a series for a photo shoot.

We had a lot of fun visiting this studio and enjoyed looking at the work of many talented artisans.  I can highly recommend a visit to Fernie, BC. 


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Wonderful to see all that action again, Eileen, and enjoy our time in Fernie all over! I'm really looking forward to being there for the takedown, if only for a chance to visit those fun places all over again.

Laura Leeder said...

Such fun meeting so many unique and extremely talented artists! The Arts Station is also a vibrant location for all types of creatives. Thrilled to be showing here with you and Win!